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How soon can I use your company?

Today! The process is simple and takes only minutes of your time.

Do you have resumes on file to review prior to scheduling an interview?

Yes! We require all applicants to keep a current resume on file with us to better assist with placement, which enables us to provide you with their information as well.

Can I hire my temp on a permanent basis prior to the 720 hours required?

Yes! However, based on the actual amount of temp hours worked, there may be a fee for the percentage of the remaining time.

Can I hire more that one temp at a time?

Certainly! Please feel free to use us to fill all of your staffing needs, even if they require different skill sets.

Do I have to pay overtime, holiday or sick leave for my temporary employee?

By law, overtime pay is required. However, you DO NOT have to pay for holiday hours. Starting July 1, 2015, California’s Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014 (AB1522) states that an employee who works at least 30 days within a year in California, including part-time, per diem, and temporary employees, must be given paid sick leave by law.


Whether you’re hiring temporary staff for a short-term assignment or looking to hire someone to fill a full-time position, why take chances on hiring the wrong candidate?

All Mid-Cal applicants go through an extensive pre-employment screening process, and additional optional screening packages are available to ensure we make the right fit every time! The screening process includes:

• Behavioral Assessments

• Employer References

• Background Checks

• Drug Screening

• Skills Testing

Hire with 100% confidence knowing that Mid-Cal has thoroughly tested and evaluated all applicants before they are sent to your jobsite. Our online screening tools and resource partners assist us in making sure that each candidate passes the most rigorous pre-employment checklist in the industry… guaranteed!


Mid-Cal Labor Solutions is partnered with Rand Employment Solutions,tempSERV and WorklogicHR. These strong and reputable companies have years of experience serving Kern County in staffing, training, and human resources outsourcing.



Mid-Cal Labor Solutions Safety Program

At Mid-Cal Labor Solutions, we understand that safety comes first and are committed to protecting the health and well-being of all our employees. That commitment starts with performing site audits on all of our client’s job sites to expose any risks and hazards our employees might come in contact with while on the job.

To achieve this goal, every reasonable effort is made to evaluate risk and uncover those conditions and procedures that might lead to accidents. Mid-Cal Labor Solutions makes sure that all of our client’s equipment is well maintained and appropriate for the job at hand. We provide the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) and the basic training to perform every job safely. We ensure that all of our clients orientate our employees for any site-specific conditions and exposures.

We maintain a safety and health program that conforms to all OSHA best practices and recommendations. To be successful, our safety program promotes an attitude toward injury and illness prevention for employees at all levels. It requires cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only between our safety supervisors and our client’s project managers but also between each employee and his or her fellow co-workers. All our employees have stop-work authority when faced with an unsafe situation or condition and are urged to use it. Only through a cooperative effort can an A+ safety record be established and maintained.

Our safety program includes the following:

  • A job hazard analysis audit to identify and eliminate unsafe working procedures or practices.
  • A self-inspection program administered by the Mid-Cal Labor Solutions safety committee to identify claims trends, and near misses determining whether we are meeting the goal of our incident rating.
  • Basic safety training and procedures for all employees.
  • Necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) and instructions in proper care and use.
  • Developed and enforced work safety rules as a condition of employment.
  • Prompt and thorough reporting and investigation of every accident.
  • Annual review and modification when appropriate.

Documented employee safety training is critical to the Mid-Cal Labor Solutions safety program. It ensures that workers are made aware of workplace hazards and that appropriate precautions are taken to avoid an accident and/or injury. Our safety team performs drop-in inspections at all of our client’s job sites to ensure these safety measures are followed and employees are written-up for failing to follow protocol.

Safety Audits and Training

Mid-Cal Labor Solutions utilizes a client site audit form to evaluate safety on every job site. Each audit evaluates multiple items relating to a safe and healthy workplace and sometimes requires our clients to make changes or require site-specific PPE. Mid-Cal Labor Solutions supplies the results of these audits to our customers and follows up until all the necessary changes have been implemented.

Training Requirements for Mid-Cal Labor Solutions Employees:

  • All new hires are put through a new hire orientation that includes watching safety videos specific to their job. General safety training is mandatory for all employees.
  • All training is documented and acknowledged by every employee before starting work. Mid-Cal Labor Solutions can provide complete reports and documentation for all training completed by our employees
  • Continued education is performed by our safety representatives during client safety meetings and tailgate meetings.